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RMP™️ proves itself best in agile software development teams

By using Reiss Motivation Profile™️ leaders can see what motivates their teams and directly address those motivators while delegating tasks in order to get the best results.

STOTON°° Teams

Provider of the Fair Workplace Certification™️. We deliver human-centric compliance and development tools that fuel the most innovative teams in technology. Read about our services below.

Reiss Motivation Profile™️

Understand needs and wants to lead better

Use expert advice based on the scientifically proven psychometric survey that measures intensity with which each of 16 universal motivators affects your teammates priorities and actions.


Achieve better communication in your teams

Based on works of William M. Marston and famously used as a basis for Thomas Eriksons bestseller "Surrounded by idiots", DISC-based surveys for years helped to visualize and understand individual communication styles in business.

Fair Workplace Certificate™️

Use trusted third party to ensure all's going fair and well

Make sure your employees are safe and sound. We implement world-class compliance, equality and diversity assurance and monitoring processes for your team to thrive in healthy and positive environment.

Leverage talent opportunities

We will visualize and explain your team members potential to engage in new types of tasks and new roles. You and your leadership will be involved in aligning the newly discovered potential with your upcoming goals and projects.

Strengthen your management

Your leadership team will be provided with insights on how their teams operate communication-wise and if the personal needs of all of the key players are being met. We use pair sessions and team workshops to make sure everyone benefits from the implementation.

Protect employee well-being and rise retention

To make sure your team is up for the next job – motivated and focused to do their best – we will provide you with the best feedback on how they are and what their current personal priorities are.

Seamless value delivery

Momentary implementation

We are capable of starting the implementation within days of the first contact.

Streamlined cooperation

We use your planning and documentation tools (like Jira) to simplify cooperation on your side.

Visible results

We define and report on measurable business outcomes provided by our cooperation.

Security and confidentiality

Every piece of information you share with us is protected and confidential.

Digital & on-site presence

We will meet you wherever you need us – both in digital and on-site environments.

Long-term partnership

This is not a one-off thing – we will onboard new employees you hire and update your procedures.

"My team likes working with STOTON. They are easy to work with. What they have offered us worked to the teams benefit every time."

Paweł Wrzesień
CEO, renewable energy company


Make the most of your teams efforts

Reiss Motivation Profile™️


1990 PLN

netto per profile

DISC+ Profile


1690 PLN

netto per profile

Team coaching


4000 PLN

netto per day

Fair Workplace Certification™️

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you assure that you are running a safe work environment, free of harm and frustration.