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Visual Department team working on an employer branding spot for renewable energy producer, 2022.

STOTON°° Marketing

Let's define your goals and strategy.
Create your brand and media.
Communicate to your target audience.
Measure results and iterate.

Branding & strategy

We mean business and it shows – expect us to deliver a complete strategy for your brand. Then we'll create logo, name and a brand story that support your goals.

Marketing & media

Let us take care of the whole communication aspect of your projects. Whether it's an employer branding effort or a new product release – we've got you and your team covered.

Social media & influencers

Social media is how we get you the best promotion and engagement your target audience can supply. We know people and they like us, so expect some known names involved.

Behind the scenes of an interview shot for a technology start-up, 2022


Achievements & lessons

Our portfolio consists of more than 20 unique business cases. Projects delivered to both seasoned, big players and start-up newcomers aimed at challenging status quo. Let us know what you need, so that we can share the most adequate data and our best stories with you and your team.


We want to be a part of your team

Our team leaders and specialists. Our influencer friends. Our production partners. We all simply join you in your day-to-day, use the tools you use and learn your business in order to accomplish what we agreed upon – as co-workers.

Your one stop shop for marketing


We create a brand – logo, naming, packaging and everything else it needs.

Employer branding

We'll deliver you whole corporate suite with your very own twist. Hiring will get easier.


We worked on events and event cycles for the best. You're one of them.

Media buying

Traditional and digital media – we will exercise plans and keep the books for you.


We care for trees, so we print eco. We design and write what your business needs.

Social media

You get the best social media expertise along with influencer engagement support.


Expect us to deliver a complete campaign plan with roadmap and measurable goals.

Video production

Content is the king and video is the best content you can get – we do it in-house.

Websites & applications

Websites and mobile applications or whatever else you need – we've got you.

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What do you need?

Marketing campaign


12 000 PLN


Website & social media


7 500 PLN


Other needs?