STOTON°° Technologies

STOTON°° Technologies

We create and maintain web and mobile applications for our clients. We also own and run some great start-ups ourselves – you can read about them below.

Value driven

We do what we believe in. We work with maximum efficacy, simply because it's both logical and ecological way to go. We trust in long-term cooperation, beneficial for both sides. We respect members of our team and members of the team we are working with.

Working smart

We work remotely, but don't avoid direct contact. Our projects have flat structure. We incorporate contractors to our teams. We are multi-lingual. We love tech. capabilities, but don't praise them higher than the business ones. We are always: lean, agile, human-centric, automation-heavy, data and process-driven.

Results oriented

We align with our partners mission, strategy and tactics. We establish measurable goals and report on their accomplishment. We promote direct sales and monetization-related goals in cooperation with our partners. We reduce workload of our partners related to creating a solution instead of becoming another asset to manage.

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Biggest knowledge base for Ukrainian war refugees in Poland

Within 72 hours of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, STOTON°° responded with creation of the largest humanitarian aid map in Poland (now incorporated to OpenStreetMaps project In the third week of the war, with support from our partners, it evolved into the largest standardized and verified instructions source for war refugees in Poland –

Fitness app that counts the reps for you and plants real trees for the progress you make

Aimed at distorting the fitness application market, Growee allows it's users to save money on smartwatches and motivates people to train by planting real trees for the reps they make.

3D product configurator for every business

Car and furniture industries for years had successfully used 3D configurators to sell their products. Gridit enables even smaller businesses to harness the power of an on-line 3D rendering. We streamline customizable product sales in web.

First mobile app for industry-grade renewables production monitoring

Onering is what renewable energy companies CEOs might call a "third level SCADA". It allows you to view all critical business and production information about your wind or solar farms on the screen of your smartphone.

We can do a lot of IT together

Process automation

We automate sales and support processes, as well as production flow and reporting.


We sell and lease equipment that your team needs – phones, laptops and printers included.


Let us show your team how to make the best use of new technologies.

Mobile applications

We've delivered more iOS and Android applications than anyone would care to count.

Websites & web applications

Do you like this website? Yes? No? Never mind. Yours will be even better.

Production systems

Are you running a production company? We can code what is needed to streamline its works.

"My team likes working with STOTON. They are easy to work with. What they have offered us worked to the teams benefit every time."

Paweł Wrzesień
CEO, renewable energy company


Let's automate, streamline, technologize

Mobile applications


12 000 PLN


Website & web apps


7 500 PLN


Other needs?

Online 3D museum based on Gridit

Gridit technology allows for any physical goods store to sell on-line. Products can be configured and viewed on-line before buying. The newest implementation allows users to attend the museum on-line.